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Ferrite Series DJ Speakers
Featured with aluminium frame, this Ferrite Series DJ Speaker is preferred for its high quality sound. It is available in various power rating, voice coil dimension, magnet size, weight and nominal impedance rating based options. Low operating cost is one of its main features.
Neodymium Series DJ Speakers
Portable quality Neo Series DJ Speaker is preferred in functions, parties and various other programs for its higher output at minimal energy usage rate. Commonly referred as neodymium speaker, this system is offered in different diameter, magnet size and power rating based options.
DJ Amplifier
Offered DJ Amplifier is equipped with volume controlling switches, power indicator, signal indicating arrangement, dual cooling fan and ground switch. Ergonomic design, long working life, standard operating power voltage, competitive price and standard signal noise ratio are its main factors.
DJ Mixer
Equipped with easy to replace crossfader, this DJ Mixer allows its operator to switch between any channel easily. Known for its flexible parameters, this system supports software based music player while playing music. It contains a number of microphone inputs and lines.
Wired Mics
Our range of versatile Wired Mics is preferred for their portable quality, good audio result and durable nature. Contemporary look, high frequency response, application of slip on type acoustic foam equipped windscreen and simple handling method are its main attributes.
Wireless Mics
One of the advantages of Wired Mics is that these microphones promote free movement of speakers for its wire free design. These are connected to transmitter and these use audio console connected receiver to receive signals. Cutting edge technology is one of their main factors.
Ferrite Driver Units
Offered Ferrite Series Drivers are used in high performance audio systems. Simple mechanism, easy installation process, utilization of advanced technical knowledge, precise design and easy replacing method are their main attributes. Provided drivers improve sound quality of audio based equipments.
Speaker Diaphragms
Ergonomically designed Diaphragm is used for conversion of electrical power into audio signal as part of speaker system. Designed by efficient personnel, this speaker component is acknowledged for its long working life, ease of installation, simple replacement technique and light weight.
Neodymium Driver Units
Light weight Neo Driver Unit s acknowledged for delivering clearly audible sound quality. Offered driver unit is located inside headphone and it transforms electrical signal into clear sound. It contains parts like diaphragm, voice coils and magnet. Precise diameter is one of its main attributes.
Base Crossovers
Base Crossover is mainly used to performance of amplifier and speakers of sound systems. Offered in 2 way/3 way and 4 way design options, this crossover is instrumental in filtering audio signals to provide better sound quality. This low maintenance product is cost effective as well.
Speakers Crossover
Speakers Crossover is used for generating output signals of various frequency levels from multiple sound systems simultaneously. This product improves performance of speakers and their energy usage rate efficiently. Easy to operate, our low maintenance range of crossover has long working life.
Ceiling Speakers
Featured with metal frame and aluminum grill, our range of Ceiling Speakers is preferred for its improved sound quality, simple installation method, prolonged service life and space saving stylish look. These speakers are mainly used for commercial purpose. Spring clip is needed for their fitting.
Digital Crossover
The provided Digital Crossover has ability to suspense the cone and is used to restrict the amplifiers excursion and inductors wavering without affecting the weavering linearity. It is composed of aramid fiber, cotton, polyester and more materials.